Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Recyclable and compostable

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking packaging. Our recycled cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, and we're testing a few types of eco-friendly insulation that protect your veggies in transit. (In warmer weather, we also use nontoxic ice packs made from a sucrose- and water-based formula.) Here's what you might see in your box.

Home-compostable insulation

It may look like styrofoam, but this ingenious insulation has a cornstarch base, making it fully home compostable. Simply cut the recyclable green film exterior (recycle with other #4 plastics) and remove the insulating panels. Then, dissolve the panels under hot water in your sink in about 60 seconds. Check out how it works!

You can also submerge them in a bucket of water—the resulting solution makes excellent plant food!—as well as burn or compost them. 

Recyclable paper insulation

With an interior that’s 100% percent curbside recyclable, this paper-based insulation is filled with air to help cushion your veggies. It’s covered by a clear film exterior that you can recycle with other #2 plastics.

Compostable bags

We make every effort to minimize the use of resources, however, in some instances it’s necessary to protect more sensitive items in transit. In lieu of plastic produce bags, we use a plant-based bag with a resin compound. It's fully compostable at home or via municipal/industrial composting services. If no such composting services exist near you, you can always reuse them. And you can rest assured that they'll biodegrade far faster than plastic even if they do end up in the trash.