Misfits Market - Ugly and Imperfect Produce, Delivered To Your Door

Always fresh, sometimes normal.

Organic produce delivered directly to you for up to 40% less than grocery store prices.

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Meet Misfits Market

We’re a subscription box of sometimes funny-looking fruits and vegetables making it easy and affordable for all of us to eat healthy. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of food waste by helping delicious food find a good home. Your home.

How It Works


We source fresh organic produce that farms and stores can’t sell.


You choose your box size and delivery frequency.


We deliver a box of Misfits Market straight to your door.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Our Produce

  • Too many

  • A bit lumpy

  • Too small

  • Too big

  • Has cosmetic blemishes

  • There wasn’t enough to sell to supermarkets

  • Needs a few days on the counter

  • Perfectly delicious, always

Our Boxes

The Mischief

Our smaller starter box

Approximately 10-13 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 2 people for a week
Ideal for cooking small meals and snacking

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The Madness

Our largest selection and variety

Approximately 18-22 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 5 people for a week
Ideal for families, larger households that cook daily

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Our Purpose

Almost half of the food grown by farmers in this country is never sold, but eating healthy keeps getting more expensive. This is a cycle of food waste that needs to end, and there’s a very simple solution to this very ugly problem. Eat Misfits Market.



Save Money

Delicious and nutritious, at incredibly reasonable prices. By sourcing high quality fruits and vegetables that stores can’t or won’t sell, our prices are up to 40% less than you’d find in stores.


Stop Food Waste

Almost half of all produce harvested in the United States is never eaten. Fruits and vegetables go unpicked in fields or get thrown away at the store, simply because they don’t look good.


Better for all of us

Helping farms find a market for the things they grow. Making it easier to put fresh fruits and vegetables at the center of our diet. Rescuing produce from the landfill. Good for everybody.


  • “Misfits Market, at least, seems intent on trying to do things the right way.”

  • “Misfits Market wants you to eat ugly produce instead.”

  • “‘I'm now hooked and talking about Misfits Market to anyone who will listen.’”

  • “‘Everything is organic. It’s so, so good.’”

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Eat healthy, help fix the food system, occasionally get a vegetable that makes you laugh.

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