what we're rescuing this week

We know it helps to learn in advance what’s in your box so you can plan. Below is an updated list of what we’re currently sourcing and what may be included in upcoming boxes. All produce is certified organic and non-GMO unless otherwise specified. We’ll update this list daily, so check back a day or two in advance of your delivery day for the most accurate information.

Please note that, as we grow as a company, the varieties of produce we rescue will increase. However, the items in each box vary and no box will include the entire list below. Madness boxes have a greater variety than Mischief, so they will contain more of the items on the list.

Butternut squash


Purple daikon radish

Mixed baby greens

Yellow onions

Green bell peppers

Apples (various)

Snow peas

D'Anjou pears

Cara cara oranges

Grape tomatoes

Russet potatoes

Rainbow chard



Purple-top turnips


Green beans

Bunched orange carrots


Cherry Bomb pepper


Navel oranges

White daikon radish

Sweet potatoes


Yellow summer squash

Sugar snap peas

Gold beets

Brussels sprouts

Red beets

Orange bell peppers

Zucchini squash

Black Spanish radish

Valencia orange

Persian cucumbers

Yukon gold potatoes

Collard greens

Rainbow carrots