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Check out previous recipes of the week that help you make the most of your Misfits haul. 

Cabbage Vegetable Pad Thai

Put your cruciferous finds to delicious use with this Asian-inspired dish from White On Rice Couple. A fresh change of pace from the traditional rice noodle version, this all-veggie take on pad thai satisfies with its crunchy texture and piquant flavor. Click here to download a printable version.

Other fun stuff to try

This week's spotlight veggie is zucchini, a green squash with endless uses. Steam, roast, stuff and bake, spiralize, or sauté it—you can even bread and fry it to make fries! Here are a few of our favorite zucchini-centric recipes:

Zucchini lasagna from Like Mother, Daughter
Who says this Italian favorite needs noodles? This low-carb version uses thin strips of squash in place of lasagna noodles and is still satisfyingly cheesy.

Chicken parmesan zucchini boats from The Wholesome Dish
When your zucchinis are as large as this week's batch, zucchini boats are a natural fit. Simply scoop out the interior and fill with a tasty stuffing like this this chicken parm mix. Also great are these Whole 30 beef zucchini boats from Eat The Gains or these meatless and gluten-free Mexican zucchini boats from Making Thyme for Health (it's like a burrito bowl, but you know, healthier).

Oven-roasted ratatouille from Budget Bytes 
More than just an entertaining animated movie, ratatouille is a traditional French dish that employs a bounty of squash for a hearty stew-like result. It's the perfect complement to a roasted chicken on a chilly winter night.

Zucchini bread from Sally's Baking Addiction
If your familiarity with quick breads begins and ends with the banana version, you're missing out. Zucchini bread is a nutrient-packed sweet and savory treat. And this version is among the best because CHOCOLATE CHIPS.