Holiday Shipping Schedule - 12/31 – Misfits Market

Holiday Shipping Schedule - 12/31

holiday delivery schedule


Due to FedEx and UPS holiday closures, we will not be making any scheduled Tuesday or Wednesday deliveries the week of 12/31. Here's what it means for you.

If you normally get your box on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

If we haven't heard from you by Sunday, 12/30, we will automatically skip your delivery that week. This is to ensure that no produce goes to waste in the event that you're traveling for the holidays and aren't there to receive your package.

If you already changed to a different delivery day for the holiday week, you can change back to any another specific day between Tuesday and Saturday after 1/5.

If you haven't selected any particular delivery day

Your boxes will automatically be delivered between Thursday and Saturday each of these weeks. 

Going forward, it's a great idea to select a regular delivery day so you always know when your box will arrive and you can plan for the week. 

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