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Harmless Harvest Add-On

Add-On Spotlight:
Premium Organic Coconut Water

We’re proud to offer Harmless Harvest, one of our favorite premium coconut waters on the market, as one of our add-ons* for the week of August 19. Unlike shelf-stable coconut waters, this fresh, refrigerated coconut water tastes like drinking straight from the coconut.

How do they achieve that? First, young coconuts are harvested by hand from certified-organic growers in Thailand while still following the traditional agricultural methods of farming fresh coconuts. Then, coconuts are processed into coconut water we love, but never thermally pasteurized, meaning Harmless Harvest is as close as you can get to water straight from the coconut. That’s right: no added ingredients here!

Like us, Harmless Harvest works directly with farmers and is committed to giving back to the communities where they source while providing the best organic product for their customers. Through its Fair for Life certification and commitment, Harmless Harvest is committed to paying fair wages and paying fair prices for its product.

Though we happen to think the taste speaks for itself, so do customer reviews.

"This tastes as fresh as coconut water from a freshly cut young coconut!"

"I've tried quite a few coconut waters and this is by far the best. I choose it because of the way it's processed. With low pasteurization, the nutrients are saved from being destroyed."

"The sweetest coconut water ever! I love that they use young coconuts and have a sustainable mission."

Heads up: The coconut water is clear when bottled, but don’t be alarmed if yours has a slight pink hue. It happens naturally when the antioxidants in the coconut water interact with light. Add Harmless Harvest to your favorite smoothies, make your own tropical pineapple coconut popsicles, use it in mock and cocktails, or drink it straight from the bottle.

* This Harmless Harvest coconut water is being offered to select customers as an add-on for the week of August 19th. If you haven’t yet received an email about this offer, you are not yet in the designated service area for add-ons. Our customer success team won’t be able to add this service for you right now if you didn’t receive the email invitation, but don’t worry, you’re on our radar! We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available for customers in your area.