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Hey NYC!

Save big on groceries.

Get delicious, organic produce delivered directly to you for up to 40% less than grocery store prices.

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Why Misfits

It’s the simplest, most affordable way to enjoy delicious, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables without leaving the city. We’re the only ugly produce company that delivers to every zip code in NYC and beyond in the Tri-State area.

Most affordable organic produce delivery box

Ships to all zip codes in NYC and beyond

Lets you choose what goes in your box

Focused on sustainable growers, not mass commercial farms

Five convenient delivery days

Our Boxes

The Mischief

Our smaller starter box

Approximately 10-13 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 2 people for a week
Ideal for cooking small meals and snacking

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The Madness

Our largest selection and variety

Approximately 18-22 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies
Serves up to 5 people for a week
Ideal for families, larger households that cook daily

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How It Works


We source fresh organic produce that farms and stores can’t sell.


You choose your box size and delivery frequency.


We deliver a box of Misfits Market straight to your door.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.


“I'm happy that I get these good bargains and great vegetables and then it's also preventing food from getting thrown away.”

“My Misfits Market box arrived with two containers of gorgeous cherry tomatoes, hot and regular peppers, a metric ton of potatoes, kale, and all the tiny apples and pears I could eat… Everything tasted, well, pretty normal—except for the tomatoes. Which, to be quite honest, may have been better than even those you could find in Tuscany.”