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We’re currently beta testing our customization feature in hopes of rolling it out to all customers soon. Once we’ve fine-tuned the process, we’ll be sure to notify you so you can be one of the first to take part!

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Customize your Misfits Market box

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You have until Saturday Nov 23rd 8PM EST to set your preferences for next week.

We are launching the ability to customize your boxes for free to a select number of customers. Please also note that preferences are not guaranteed, as inventory may fluctuate. We'll make every effort to substitute your choice with a comparable item.

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      Q: How exactly does customization work?

      • Starting August 1, we're offering a small group of customers the ability to select what goes in their Misfits boxes. We’ll give you a set of choices within certain types of food—e.g., greens, root veggies, fruit, etc.—and you’ll be able to choose a limited number of items within each category that you’d prefer to receive.

      Q: Do I have to participate?

      • The ability to customize is completely optional. If you don’t opt-in, you’ll get your usual box of surprise goodies—no need to lift a finger!

      Q: Can I specify every single item in my box or choose a fruit-or-veggie-only box?

      • Think of customization as setting your preferences versus cherry-picking the contents of your box. While some ugly produce companies buy a specific set of items per week, regardless of whether they would have gone to waste, we follow our growers' lead and rescue items based on their availability. That means that the mix of items we carry is always in flux. We do our best to source a diverse mix of core items for each box, as well as some specialty items available in more limited quantities so you can try new foods. We ask that our customers be slightly flexible when it comes to the types of food they’d like to receive. By being open to a variety of foods, you’re helping us remain true to our food rescue roots and doing your part to end food waste.

      Q: Is customization available to everyone?

      • We’re currently beta testing our customization feature for customers in select regions in hopes of rolling it out to all customers soon.

      Q: Am I guaranteed to get the items I've selected?

      • Because we source misfit produce directly from growers as soon as it becomes available, our inventory fluctuates throughout the week. We may also decide not to ship an item because it doesn’t meet our high quality standards. If this occurs, we'll do our best to substitute the selected item with one of comparable use. For example, if you've selected red chard and it becomes unavailable, we may substitute for rainbow chard or kale instead. We thank you in advance for rolling with the punches!

      Q: What’s the deadline for making my customization choices?

      • You’ll need to make all picks by Saturday at 8 p.m. ET the week before your shipment to set your customization preferences for the upcoming week.

      Q: Can I get my customized box on my preferred delivery day?

      • Currently, we only deliver customized boxes on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

      Q: Can I add onto my box without customizing?

      • Unfortunately, for customers that are eligible for customization, right now you can only add extra Marketplace items to your box after customizing.

      Q: Is there a charge for this service?

      • We’re offering this service free of charge to the first set of customers in this test as thanks for your participation. Eventually, we may charge customers a small fee for this service to cover overhead.

      Q: Will I get charged for my box on the same day as usual?

      • All Misfits Market orders, regardless of whether they’re customized, will be charged on Sundays beginning August 1.