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Keep your pantry stocked (and your wallet happy) by shopping our discounted staples—all 25-50% off grocery store prices. You have until Saturday February 15th 8PM EST to make your selections.

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Product Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of nutritional labels or any other information on product packaging. Before you buy, use, or consume a product, you should always review nutritional, ingredient, and allergen information as well as any warnings or instructions.


Q: What exactly is The Marketplace?

  • The Marketplace is where you can buy extra items, whether fresh foods or packaged goods, that you can purchase to add to your subscription box for an extra charge. These products are one-time offerings from companies or growers that have surplus stock, so get them at a discount while you can!

Q: How do I shop at The Marketplace?

  • You have a three-day window before your next billing date to shop The Marketplace. You’ll also receive a weekly email reminding you it’s time to do your shopping. We recommend getting in there early to nab all of the best deals before they’re gone.
    (If you need a refresh on when your next billing date is, please check your account page.

Q: What types of products should I typically expect at The Marketplace?

  • It’ll include items like fresh herbs, spices, specialty produce and coffee. Check in weekly so that you don’t miss exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else!

Q: Will the items in The Marketplace be organic?

  • As usual, the produce in your subscription box will remain organic. From time to time, we may offer responsibly-sourced conventional items from trusted partners. We will always clearly mark organic items as such.

Q: Where do we source these add-on items?

  • We work directly with food producers and growers to source high-quality items that would have gone to waste for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re short-dated (stamped with a “best-by” date that’s fewer than 6 weeks away), excess inventory, or victim of a packaging change, Misfits Market steps in to rescue them and makes them more affordable and accessible to everyone. Read more here.

Q: Will there be a charge for this service?

  • There is no fee to customize your box. You’re charged for the costs of your items when your order is processed. (Check your account page for details on when your next billing date takes place.)

Q: What kind of savings should I expect?

  • Our add-on items are priced at up to 70% less than what you’d pay at the grocery store; you can expect to save 25-50% on average compared to MSRPs.

Q: Do I have to add these items?

  • This service is completely optional! We offer it as a convenience to you.

Q: Can I apply coupon codes (like a referral discount) to my add-on items?

  • Coupon/promotional codes apply only to your base subscription box and do not apply to Marketplace items available for purchase in addition to your subscription box.

Q: If I purchase add-ons, will there be enough room in my box for all of the regular produce I get in my subscription?

  • We’ve got you covered! The amount of produce you receive as part of your regular subscription box will not change if you purchase any add-ons. Feel free to add as many items as you want–we’ll size you up to a larger box if necessary to accommodate the add-ons.

Q: What if I’m missing an add-on item I purchased?

  • Please contact our Customer Service team so that we can rectify your problem.

Q: When will I get charged for these items?

  • All added items are charged along with your subscription on your scheduled billing date.