We're a team of mission-driven operators determined to make healthy food accessible.

Nearly a billion people around the world are either starving or malnourished.

Meanwhile, over $1 trillion of food is wasted each year, either getting tossed at the farm, rotting in warehouses, or going unsold in stores until it's inedible. Much of this is due to modern-day beauty standards for food. Ugly fruits, misshapen vegetables, and delicious but imperfectly-sized produce are squandered at every level. Just a quarter of this wasted food could be used to feed the entire starving population of the world.

Do these facts shock you?

They certainly shocked us. They’re what inspired us to build Misfits Market

Our vision is a waste-free world where no one struggles to afford healthy food, and we're starting to make change with ugly produce.

Every box of Misfits produce you order benefits local farmers, helps prevent food waste, and ultimately helps save our environment. Our rapidly expanding Philadelphia-based operation rescues produce from regional farms and distributes it throughout 11 states in about three business days or less.

Hit us up at contact@misfitsmarket.com with any questions or feedback.